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My Erasmus in Rijeka

Submitted by mgligoram on 6 December, 2017 - 12:25

Without a doubt one of the best experiences that you can gain at university is to participate in Erasmus, to study one year in another country by applying for an Erasmus scholarship. It teaches you many things, but especially about life, and of course you can have a lot of fun. It changes many people’s lives and I am no exception.

I did not speak English. Absolutely nothing, but I did not care. I attended a short workshop, just to know how to say what my name is, where I live and where I come from.

The first few months were chaotic. The language barrier was very difficult to handle, but I did not care, people were willing to meet other people with an open mind.

The Polytechnic was very nice; however, at the beginning it was difficult because I knew only three Erasmus students. I have already mastered the language and have become familiar with everything at college. In addition teachers and classmates treated me very well.

What I take from the Erasmus program are the friendships I have formed. And the best were the trips throughout Europe and the residence where we all lived together.

I will never forget Rijeka, I have lived unforgettable moments here.

Carlos Garcia Cano