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What can I study at the Polytechnic of Rijeka?

The Polytechnic of Rijeka offers potential students interesting study programs at two levels of professional study programs: first (undergraduate) and second (graduate) level.

All study programs have been modernized and are in accordance with the demands of the Bologna process. The implementation of the majority of modernized study programs began in the academic year 2005/2006.

All programs are carried out for full-time and part-time students and are, thus, available even to those students who are employed and study and work at the same time or cannot attend classes due to some other reasons.

The majority of study programs are carried out at the Polytechnic of Rijeka headquarters at Vukovarska 58, Rijeka. In order to bring college education as close as possible to their home, for students who live outside Rijeka, the Polytechnic runs some of its study programs at other locations in Pazin and Poreč. Moreover, the study programs of Winemaking and Mediterranean Agriculture are carried out in Poreč due to specific conditions demanded by the programs.





Undergraduate Professional Study Programs

180 ECTS credits

Professional title: professional bachelor accompanied with an indication of a profession in accordance with a specific law

Specialist Graduate Professional Study


120 ECTS credits

Professional title: professional specialist with an indication of a profession in accordance with a specific law

Transport Department

Road Transport – Rijeka

Railroad Transport - Rijeka

Transport - Rijeka

Business Department


Entrepreneurship – Rijeka and Pazin

Information Science - Rijeka


Entrepreneurship – Rijeka

Information Science and Technology in Business Systems – Rijeka

Agricultural Department

Mediterranean Agriculture - Poreč

Winemaking - Poreč

Winemaking - Poreč

Occupational Safety Department

Occupational Safety - Rijeka


Occupational Safety - Rijeka



Telematics - Rijeka

Information Science and Technology in Business Systems – Rijeka



Sustainable Agritourism – Rijeka



The requirements to enrol in undergraduate professional study programs:

  • students who graduated from four-year high schools and candidates who graduated in 2010 or later apply via the webpage
  • candidates who finished four-year high school before 2010 apply to the Polytechnic of Rijeka in accordance with the regulations of the application to enrol in the first-year part-time study program, which will be published on the website

The requirements to enrol in specialist graduate professional study programs:

  • people who completed their three-year undregraduate professional study programs or  university undergraduate study programs and met the requirements of admission to first year specialist graduate study programs, which is published by the Polytechnic of Rijeka, are eligible to apply for specialist graduate professional study programs


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