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Ceepus experience - Assistant Professor Isak Idrizi

Submitted by mjakopic on 27 January, 2021 - 15:26

„I had a wonderful experience with the teachers of this faculty, in particular with prof. Damir Malnar, who devoted great time to facilitate me with the organization of courses. He was also very attentive to my presentations and was very helpful in to helping me to incite and provoke student into opening their minds and being motivated to learn new things related to the technology of BIM.

During my virtual cooperation with the academic staff, I got to know their particular academic interests and activities and we also managed to share some interesting ideas about cooperating in future on an innovative research project. In addition, the students got to know also the curricula of my faculty, particularly the courses that we cover in respect to BIM technology. I think their interest was good about engaging in mobility programs between University Mother Teresa and Polytechnic of Rijeka.”

Assistant Professor Isak Idrizi

Faculty of Architectura and Engineering

University of Mother Teresa, Skopje, North Macedonia

CEEPUS network - Modelling, Simulation and Computer-aided Design in Engineering and Management (CIII-BG-1103-04)



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